Hoosier Fishing Lure Information A compilation of
information about
Indiana fishing lures.

Many people collect fishing lures in a concerted effort to develop an assemblage of artifacts valued for their creative expressions. Collectors usually focus their collecting with paticular selection criteria; they collect a specific lure model, lure maker, company, shape, color or variety of colors, or other themes.

Summers Wood Label

Summers Wood Paperwork

Free Lure for verifiable information about the proprietors of this lure company.

The goal of this web site is to collect information about the lures and lure-makers from the State of Indiana. In particular, this site serves as a focal point for developing and preserving the history of lure making in the Hoosier state. As such, all kinds of lures are included here, be they wood, fly, metal or plastic. All lures and lure makers from Indiana are subject for description, analysis and commentary.

The primary focus of this resource is lesser-known and obscure Hoosier baits and their makers. History, facts, stories and data pertaining to the Creek Chub Bait Company and the South Bend Bait Company are not fully addressed here. There are comprehensive resources available that describe these companies and their lures in great detail.

Your contributions to help build this knowledge-base are invited and welcome.